Compact MLOK Handstop

Compact MLOK Handstop


The Compact Handstop has been developed to create an ultralight indexing point for your support hand. A narrow width with a tapered profile minimizes potential snags.   

The Compact Handstop takes up only a single M-LOK slot for the greatest mounting location versatility. It utilizes two (2) screws and M-LOK T-Nuts to ensure rigid rail attachment. 

Sold individually. Compatible with all standard M-LOK rails.


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Made from a lightweight thermoplastic polymer with high impact strength and chemical resistance. With 3 different design variations available, the Rego forward grips have been designed to meet the ergonomic needs of the individual user. Includes two #10-32 screws and matching M-LOK T-Nuts.

  • Length: 1.52in
  • Width: 0.65in  
  • Height: 1.30in 
  • Weight with hardware: 0.43oz (12.2 grams)

Note: These parts are manufactured using a 3D printing process and there may be a noticeable texture on the surface that mounts to the rail. This texture is not visible once the grip is mounted to the rail and does not affect the performance of the part. 

Engineered and manufactured in the USA


Additional information

Weight 0.084375 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1.5 × 0.75 in

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