SCAR Receiver Side Grip Panel

SCAR Receiver Side Grip Panel


The SCAR-400 grip panel has been designed specifically to attach directly to either side of the SCAR upper receiver. 

NOTE: These grip panels are ONLY compatible with the the Rego Systems SMR forend kits due to a difference in the front receiver bridge screw thread sizes.

This is a simple upgrade for anybody wanting additional gripping surfaces or insulation on the receiver sides while still maintaining a very narrow overall width. This is not a M-LOK grip panel.

All Rego grip panels incorporate both micro and macro features that provide excellent surface feel and grip performance without being so abrasive that shooting gloves are required.

 Sold individually. Compatible with either SCAR 16S or 17S once any of the Rego Systems SMR forend kits have been installed.

Engineered and manufactured in the USA


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Made from a high strength epoxy-based engineering material with superb durability and resistance to common solvents. Designed to have excellent surface feel while maintaining a thin profile and low weight. These grip panels offer impressive thermal insulation for extended shooting sessions. Includes two M4x10mm screws.

  • Length: 4.10in
  • Width: 0.65in  
  • Thickness: 0.125in 
  • Weight with hardware: 6.7 grams

Note: These parts are manufactured using a 3D printing process. This process requires that the back side of the part undergo a manual sanding step to remove support features which can result in some uneven sanding marks. These marks are not visible once the panel is mounted to the rail and does not affect the performance of the part.

Recommended Configuration

We have developed several grip panels in a wide variety of shapes/sizes so that you can customize your SCAR to your individual needs. Here is the recommended configuration that we have found to work well based on the design intent of the SMR forend and Rego accessories.

Additional information

Weight 0.03125 lbs
Dimensions 4 × .7 × .25 in

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