16S FDE side detail
MLOK grip panels 2

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SMR-11 Forend FDE

In stock now

Designed for the SCAR 16S/17S, the SMR-11 works with 13”-16” barrel lengths and offers an ideal balance of decreased weight with added forend length.

Stubby Vertical Grip

In stock now

For the ultimate in control look no further than the Stubby MLOK Vertical Grip. A unique teardrop shape fills the palm of your hand and a generous surface area enables multiple grip options.

SCAR Receiver Side Grip Panel

In stock now

The SCAR Receiver Side Grip Panel panel has a thin profile, excellent surface feel, and mounts directly to either side of the SCAR upper receiver. 

Rego Systems Design Philosophy

Modernize The SCAR Through Innovative Design

Greatly improve the handling characteristics of the SCAR by utilizing human-centric principles


Increase the forend length for additional support hand area and accessory mounting locations


Decrease the forend weight to improve the overall balance


Decrease the forend circumference to enable a positive grip and improve overall control


Improve ergonomics & remove extraneous receiver protrusions to eliminate the original blocky feeling


Add MLOK compatibility to support common accessories

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